Server or webmail

Different features are available depending on your type of CJSM account. Your organisation can choose between a server-based (SMTP/Cloud Gateway) or webmail account.

Both accounts offer standard features like group mailboxes, anti-virus applications and distribution lists.

SMTP/Cloud Gateway account

A server-based account means that you connect to CJSM via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). So when you send an email, it's transferred from one server to another using this protocol.

Cloud Gateway means users can also connect via services such as Office 365 and GSuite.

Both methods mean you can keep using your existing email account, but we add the suffix '' to your address. You don't have to log in to a completely separate email account like you need to on webmail.

So your CJSM address would look something like this:

You will also receive a separate login for the CJSM directory (see webmail details below), so you can search for other trusted CJSM users and organisations. *

* excluding central government trusted domain users in central government or police

CJSM webmail account

If you can't set up a server account, you can connect to a CJSM webmail account via your internet browser. These are hosted inboxes, like Gmail or Hotmail where you login to a website to send or receive CJSM emails.

If you use webmail you can't use CJSM mail from your corporate email accounts, but you can set up POP3 on mail clients such as Outlook to download emails locally.

You will need a different email address to your everyday account.

Your CJSM email address would look something like this:

You can also access a directory of users via webmail. You can search and filter for other people or organisations on CJSM by username, organisation, distribution lists and group mailboxes.

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