How to apply

It only takes a few minutes to start the application process for CJSM. If you're ready, you can Apply Now (opens in a new tab) via our online application.

Nominate another organisation

If you're already a CJSM user and you'd like to invite another organisation within the justice system to apply, then email us: supplying their contact email address, and we'll send an introductory message.

What can I expect after I apply?

There are a few steps we will ask you to complete before your CJSM account is activated.

You need to provide

  • an existing email address, and check whether your organisation is already connected to CJSM
  • contact information, and details of someone within your organisation who will act as the Organisation Administrator for CJSM
  • an application sponsor from the police, central government or the NHS
  • signed terms and conditions

You need to choose what type of account suits you best

You can choose between a server (SMTP/Cloud Gateway) or a mailbox connection.

If you choose a server connection, your IT department will need to configure this and your nominated CJSM admin will create user accounts

When this is set up, you just keep using your existing, non-CJSM account.

The only difference is that it will have '' added to the end of your email address when you send and receive to and from CJSM users.

If you choose a mailbox connection, your nominated CJSM admin will set up user accounts and passwords

You'll be asked to change the password when you first login. You'll then have full access to CJSM via the web.

Find out more about server and webmail features

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