As a CJSM administrator, you play a crucial part in making sure your organisation's account runs smoothly. There are a number of key functions to help you keep the CJSM service safe, secure and efficient.

It's worth assigning more than one admin for your organisation. If someone is unavailable or leaves the organisation it means that there is less disruption for your users.

Managing users

Your main job will be to manage users and their permissions. You can view the users you're responsible for, their details and account status.

You can:

Other admin features

Assign administrators

Assign admin rights to other people in your organisation.

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Create sub-organisations

Make smaller groups within your organisation that you can manage, or assign to someone else.

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Multiple directory detail changes

Change details for several users at once. For example, an organisation address or telephone number.

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Bulk-add users

Add up to 500 users at a time to your CJSM account. If your organisation has a mailbox account, a user name and one-time password will be generated for each new user.

Mark users as 'ex directory'

Mark a user in your organisation as ex-directory. Their details will not be available to normal users searching theCJSM directory.

Suspend your organisation

For example, if you know that your internet connection or email server is or will be unavailable for a significant period of time.

Create distribution lists

Useful if users have to communicate with the same group of people regularly. You can include any user of CJSM in the list, even if they work for another organisation.

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Create group mailboxes

Make a separate mailbox account with its own email address, which can be accessed by more than one user. If your organisation has an SMTP account, you have to set up group mailboxes through web-based admin rather than through your local system.

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Access users' mailboxes

Under exceptional circumstances (for example, a user is away from work for an extended period, or is suddenly removed from employment) you might be granted access to their mailbox. You will have to speak to a Secure eMail Administrator to establish that access is absolutely necessary.

Administrator training

Organisation Administrator quick reference guide

Users and organisations

Directories and groups

Need help?

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