About CJSM

Secure, seamless communication across the justice community

Worried about hackers stealing sensitive information? With CJSM, you don't have to. CJSM encrypts everything, which means your emails will stay for your eyes only.

What is CJSM?

Criminal Justice Secure eMail (or CJSM) is a secure group email service available to any justice organisation or practitioner that needs to send or receive sensitive information.

It also offers:

  • a direct connection to central government departments, police and NHS
  • an onboarding and assurance process to provide high levels of security
  • the most complete directory of justice professionals
  • administration tools so organisations can manage their own users
  • a dedicated helpdesk

Who is CJSM for?

Many government bodies connected to the justice system (like courts, police, prisons, NHS and the Home Office) already use CJSM regularly.

CJSM also offers this service to justice practitioners that aren't part of central government to connect with the wider justice community. These range from single practitioners to worldwide businesses - solicitors, barristers, support and advocacy services, local government, investigating and prosecuting bodies to name a few.

Any new applicants go through an assurance process to use the service. That way users know that they are sharing with legitimate organisations.

Feel secure with assured levels of email security

Email is still a popular way to send and share information. But it comes with risks, especially if the information you're sending is sensitive. Spam, viruses and hacking pose serious threats to the efficiency and security of your organisation.

CJSM is just that - secure. Its benefits over regular email include:

  • encrypted messaging - thanks to Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, any communication is sent via end-to-end encryption. This means only your intended recipient can see what you're sending. That includes the MoJ and the CJSM service team.
  • anti-virus application - if a virus is found, the message won't be delivered and the sender will be notified
  • security - the latest technology assured by MoJ current standards of best practice keeps your emails safe from malicious security incidents

Users can choose to connect between organisations' email servers and to services such as Office 365 and G Suite - or by using hosted webmail.

Read more about CJSM server and webmail features >

Find verified justice practitioners

Every CJSM user has to go through a rigorous assurance process, including checks on email, sponsor details and physical address. Once verified, most users will be able to search the web-based CJSM directory to find people in the justice community. This is the most complete and available directory of justice professionals.

You can search by username, organisation, distribution lists and group mailboxes and use a selection of filters to narrow down your search.

Enjoy mandatory levels of member compliance

All members of CJSM have gone through a technical and legislative compliance procedure. Before anyone can join CJSM, they have to agree to our terms and conditions, which sets out levels of security we expect.

This ranges from GDPR compliance, to having a mandatory hardware firewall installed, to making sure that strangers are accompanied at all times in areas where CJSM is being used.

Any users of the server-based email service (SMTP/Cloud Gateway) have their systems authenticated in enrolment. And there is an audit programme that regularly tests for member compliance.

See our Terms and Conditions

Use across multiple devices

You'll be able to use CJSM on any device you currently send and receive normal work emails from. This includes smartphones and tablets. Any device storing Official Sensitive material must be encrypted to protect against unauthorised disclosure. Speak to the CJSM Helpdesk to check the configuration details of your device.

Set dedicated admins within your organisation

CJSM onboards organisations and provides dedicated administration tools to manage their users. This means that organisations have the opportunity to self-serve.

Read more about administrators >

Need help?

Contact the CJSM Helpdesk on 020 7604 5598. Lines are open every weekday 8am-7pm. Or email cjsm.helpdesk@egress.com

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