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Connection FAQs

Is Windows 8 BitLocker approved for use with CJSM, even though it hasnít been accredited to FIPS140-2 yet?

open quoteAs Windows BitLocker has previously received FIPS 140-2 accreditation and Windows 8 BitLocker has been entered into the accreditation process we will accept Windows 8 BitLocker as suitable encryption for use with CJSM.end quote


Do the terms of use prohibit the use of WiFi - or possibly unencrypted WiFi - for secure e-mail?

open quoteCJSM may be accessed by secure WiFi but NOT by unsecured WiFi as the initial transmission to the website may be intercepted and subsequently the user log in details captured.end quote


Are there prohibitions on storage of such e-mails "in the cloud" or on non-UK based servers?

open quoteYes, information transmitted by CJSM may NOT be stored on unapproved 'cloud' services there are two main reasons for this:

  • 1. It is unlikely the data will be stored in the UK and laws in the 'holding' country may give them access to UK Government data.
  • 2. The DPA requires that data is protected and managed within the EEA (or Safe Harbour). By hosting it on standard cloud services we don't know where the endpoint we are connecting to is located (outside of EEA?) and whether it meets DPA requirements.

As a point to note, we are happy for 'cloud' service providers, whose servers reside within the UK, to apply for accreditation to connect to CJSM. Enquiries should be sent via the CJSM Helpdesk, cjsm.helpdesk@egress.com, or 0870 010 8535.end quote


Can I use collaborations tools "in the cloud" to share information with expert witnesses?

open quoteNo, as above, data transmitted by CJSM may not be stored on unapproved 'cloud' services.end quote


Can I send data received by CJSM onto other organisations involved in the case, such as expert witnesses, across the open internet?

open quoteIf the client agrees to the transfer of data to the expert witness across the internet then yes, this is acceptable. However, if the data includes data of any other individual then, no, it is against the terms and conditions of use of CJSM to send the information in the clear across the open internet. However, expert witnesses are eligible to join CJSM - we already have a number of such users including many DNA testing laboratories, etc. Alternatively, you may use another form of commercial encryption to protect the email, however the data will still need to handled in accordance with the CJSM Terms and Conditions.end quote


Will I be able to turn up at Court with my standard laptop and access the repository using the Court supplied WiFi, download the file and later store this on my case management system hosted remotely in some place, I know not where?

open quoteCJSM should be only be accessed wirelessly via a secured WiFi connection - even within the court environment, or via a 3G connection, (security is inherent within 3G connections). Hotspots or unsecured Openzones should not be used.

The laptop must have hard disk encryption - this is available readily and freeware versions are also available, any removable media, e.g. USB flash drives must also be encrypted.

Data should only be stored on suitably protected servers, i.e. information and equipment can only be accessed by authorised individuals, and, as above, the servers should be within the UK.end quote


Can I access my CJSM email on my home computer?

open quoteYes, as long as your computer complies with the CJSM Terms and Conditions for Single Users. Please contact the helpdesk for a copy (Contact details are provided at the end of this document). Or you can find them at the top of this pageend quote


Do the terms of use of secure e-mail prohibit the use of mobile devices for this?

open quoteNo, the terms of connection to CJSM does not prohibit the use of mobile devices e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc. Such devices also need to encrypt any information held on the device when at rest as well as in transmission. The configuration details of the device need to be submitted to the CJSM Helpdesk for approval.end quote


Why is encryption necessary on all mobile devices?

open quoteThe Government has a duty of care for all personal/commercial data it holds and works hard to ensure data held on government systems is secure. It also has a duty of care to ensure any personal/commercial information passed to third parties is adequately protected by the recipient organisation. Connection to CJSM requires organisations to implement the advice of the Information Commissioners Office: "The ICO recommends that portable and mobile devices including magnetic media, used to store and transmit personal information, the loss of which could cause damage or distress to individuals, should be protected using approved encryption software which is designed to guard against the compromise of information". More information is available at http://www.ico.gov.uk/news/current_topics/Our_approach_to_encryption.aspxend quote


Can I send my client's information relating to their case over the open internet?

open quoteYes, but only if your client has signed a disclaimer to say they understand the risks of sending information across the internet and are willing to receive the information by email. However, in line with the DPA and CJSM terms and conditions, you cannot send any information across which contains details of anyone else involved with the case without their consent e.g. victims and witnesses. (N.B. Individual citizens are not eligible to join CJSM).end quote


Can I take my laptop into the prison when visiting with my client?

open quoteIt is at the prison's discretion. Please contact the relevant prison in advance to request permission to bring your laptop into the prison.end quote


The terms and conditions require my organisation to have a business focussed risk assessment ISO 27002. We are a small/medium organisation and we don't have the resources/funds to carry out this assessment?

open quoteConnection to CJSM requires organisations to adhere to industry good practice for data protection. ISO 27002 provides a framework for assessing IT security. It is not necessary to have a specialist consultant carry out the assessment. The government website, Business Link http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/layer?topicId=1079818481, provides an IT security assessment tool, advice and links for further information. This is sufficient for a small to medium sized organisation.end quote


Who can I email securely from CJSM?

open quoteYou can email any other user of CJSM securely, i.e. those with cjsm.net within their email address. You can also securely email anyone with

  • .gsi
  • .pnn
  • .gsx
  • .gcsx
  • .nhs.net (NOT .nhs.uk)

by adding.cjsm.net. Please note - all criminal justice organisations. Police, CPS, Courts, Prisons, Probation and YOTs are fully aware of CJSM but staff in other government departments may not be.end quote


Is there any training for CJSM users or Organisation Administrators?

open quoteYes, an online training package is available at www.cjsm.justice.gov.uk/training. More information on the service itself is also available on this website.end quote


Who can I contact if I need more help?

open quoteThe CJSM Helpdesk are open from 8am on 7pm and can be contacted on 0870 010 8535 or by email at cjsm.helpdesk@egress.comend quote