Administering Secure eMail

You want all of the benefits of using Secure eMail, but only if it’s easy to use and and easy to administer. Now, you can have the best of both worlds, with single sign ons, interactive training and sub-organisations.


As an organisation administrator, you play a crucial part in ensuring that your organisation's Secure eMail account runs smoothly - and we've very grateful to you for everything you do.

That’s why we've made a particular effort to listen to the feedback we've got from organisation administrators about what would make your job easier.

The result is a whole host of new, easy to use facilities available to you, to give you more independence. you’ll be spending less time liaising with us on the day -to-day management of your organisation's Secure eMail account, so you’ll have more time to do what you need to be doing.

But whenever you do need to talk to us, help desk support will be available every week day between 8am and 7pm. Just call: 020 7604 5598 , or email:

In the meantime, here are the key features of the new Secure eMail site.


Secure eMail is provided by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform. Although the service is run by the Government, the Government does not have a right to view the content of any of the emails being transmitted across the service.


open quoteIn my role as Co-ordinator for the Craven Crime Reduction Partnership, I often required access to sensitive material.

Located within a small Local Authority environment, there were some difficulties in acquiring such sensitive material over the authorities email system, which of course was not secure.

Having looked at several options, I concluded that the only viable and least expensive system available to me was OCJR's Secure eMail system.end quote

Alan Atkins
Craven Crime Reduction Manager
19 August 2005