Why do I need Secure eMail?

Worried about hackers stealing sensitive information? With Secure eMail, you don't have to. Secure eMail encrypts everything, which means your emails will stay for your eyes only.


In the last few years, email has become the single most popular way for organisations to communicate with each other. But as the number of people emailing has sky-rocketed, so have the risks to organisations of being inundated with spam, infiltrated by viruses or having valuable or sensitive information stolen by hackers.

The risk of having your email system hacked into or infected is a very real one.

Most people are unaware of what happens when they click the 'send' button. It may surprise you to know that it doesn't just go from you to the person you intended to send it to. Although email appears quick, each message hops around the public internet going from system to system until it arrives at its intended destination. On its journey email is little more than an electronic postcard, which is open to others along the way. If someone wants to intercept, copy or even alter your emails – and the information they hold – they can do it with relative ease.

But if you work within the Criminal Justice System, you could join a new service that will put an end to the security nightmares that can potentially be caused by viruses, spam and hackers.

Protect yourself, your organisation and your clients - sign up for Secure eMail

Secure eMail is just that - secure. It’s a safe, efficient alternative to regular email, fax and post. When you hit the 'send' button on your Secure eMail, the information contained in it is encrypted, so it can only be read by your intended recipient.

Emails passing through the Secure eMail system are also checked by an anti-virus application. If a virus is found, the message won't be delivered and the sender will be notified.

Secure eMail uses the latest technology to keep your emails safe from malicious security incidents, so you will no longer have to worry about sensitive information being shared with unauthorized individuals, or anything slipping through your existing firewall or anti-virus software to cause you problems.

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Although the service is run by the Government, the Government does not have a right to view the content of any of the emails being transmitted across the service.


open quoteThe information we received by fax could be illegible, because it was handwritten. Sometimes we never received it at all, because faxing can be unreliable. Now, using Secure eMail, we receive this information instantaneously, and because it is on a standard form, it is easier to read and input onto our own CREST system. This saves us a lot of time. The other benefit is that the Secure eMail system provides an automatic feedback to the Magistrates' Court if we do not receive or read the email, so they know if there is a problem with transmission.end quote

Mark White
Crown Court Manager
Chester Crown Court