Why do I need Secure eMail?


The Solicitor

open quoteSolicitors' first concern is always to keep material confidential between themselves and their clients. Secure eMail will help them in this.

Rodney Warren
Director of the Criminal Law Solicitors' Association


The Criminal Justice Organisations

open quoteThe information we received by fax could be illegible, because it was handwritten. Sometimes we never received it at all, because faxing can be unreliable. Now, using Secure eMail, we receive this information instantaneously, and because it is on a standard form, it is easier to read and input onto our own CREST system. This saves us a lot of time. The other benefit is that the Secure eMail system provides an automatic feedback to the Magistrates' Court if we do not receive or read the email, so they know if there is a problem with transmission.end quote

Keith Harrison
Preston Crown Court Office Manager / High Court Listing Officer
Preston Combined Court

open quoteWe've gone from no correspondence by email to sending and receiving about 70% of our business and general enquiry transactions with our CJS partners using email.

it’s helped us meet our obligations for resulting with victim and witness service and with PNC bureau.

We email results to police and CPS witness care units....without Secure eMail we wouldn't be able to meet our obligations for 99% of the time.

We used to copy record sheets five times but now we only do one....we achieved substantial savings in staff time and running costs.end quote

Mark White
Crown Court Manager
Chester Crown Court


The Crime Reduction Partnership

open quoteIn my role as Co-ordinator for the Craven Crime Reduction Partnership, I often required access to sensitive material.

Located within a small Local Authority environment, there were some difficulties in acquiring such sensitive material over the authorities email system, which of course was not secure.

Having looked at several options, I concluded that the only viable and least expensive system available to me was OCJR's Secure eMail system.

Acquiring such a system could not have been easier; it was a matter of completing a small application form and returning it to the OCJR office.

Before very long I was contacted by letter, advising me of some small inputs required into my computer and from that gained access to the system. Any technical issues I did not understand were dealt with via the help line in a most helpful and understanding manner.

I now receive all my Secure eMails without difficulty.end quote

Alan Atkins
Craven Crime Reduction Partnership


The Local Authority

open quoteWe first signed up for Secure eMail in Autumn 2004, and we're keen to use it in as many areas as possible where secure, recordable, communications are appropriate. When you send something over Secure eMail, it’s much closer to being a secure and repeatable process than if you send it over fax. And that can only be a good thing for all users.

And all parties benefit. From the Courts' point of view, for example, using Secure eMail means that they would be more likely to get Pre-Sentencing Reports on time, as opposed to having them delivered late, with all the additional costs to the courts that that entails. We are working to use Secure eMail in all appropriate communications with the Courts, and with the Probation Service and other criminal justice organisations. We are also increasingly using Secure eMail for our communications with the Metropolitan Police on issues related to child protection.

We have found that the system works extremely well, and we haven't had any problems with signing up for it. What issues there are have been were primarily to do with changing the way people work, to encourage them to start using Secure eMail more.end quote

Charles Lowe
ICT Programme Director
Social Services
London Borough of Newham