Why do I need Secure eMail?


Threat five: Virus attack

Around half of all UK businesses were infected by computer viruses in 2004, despite the fact that 93% of all businesses already have anti-virus software installed. And these figures are rising all the time.

How Secure eMail can help: Virus checking

Secure eMail uses the very latest virus-checking technology to prevent any viruses from getting through. The virus-checking software is constantly (and automatically) updated, stopping even the newest computer viruses dead in their tracks, before they can infect Secure eMail users' computers.

The day-to-day benefits of using Secure eMail

Security issues aside, Secure eMail will also enable you to share sensitive information, up to and including anything marked restricted, with anyone in the criminal justice community, quickly and reliably. So everyday processes can be handled in a more secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

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