Why do I need Secure eMail?


Threat three: Security being compromised further up the chain

Your organisation might have put in place an elaborate firewall or other security measures. But what happens if you need to share sensitive email with an organisation that hasn't?

Faxing is not a particularly secure way of sending information - anyone can pick it up off the fax, and there's no way of knowing if and when it’s been received the other end.

Posting information takes time, and again, once it’s left your hands you have no way of knowing where it will go, or if it will reach its destination on time, and without being tampered with in transit.

How Secure eMail can help: Every user is individually authenticated

Once an organisation or individual has been given a Secure eMail account, you can be sure that they and their systems have been authenticated by OCJR's rigorous enrolment process.

That means you have peace of mind that any information you send via Secure eMail will stay safe and secure.

The day-to-day benefits of using Secure eMail

Security issues aside, Secure eMail will also enable you to share sensitive information, up to and including anything marked restricted, with anyone in the criminal justice community, quickly and reliably. So everyday processes can be handled in a more secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

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