Why do I need Secure eMail?


Threat one: Hackers stealing sensitive information

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing 'cyber' crimes. All it takes is for a hacker to get hold of a user's date of birth and / or other personal information, and they can rack up thousands of pounds of debts or 'phantom' purchases by impersonating them.

Within the Criminal Justice community, which regularly communicates sensitive information about forthcoming court cases, the stakes can be even higher if sensitive information falls into the wrong hands.

How Secure eMail can help: Encryption

The Secure eMail service encrypts all the information that's sent across it. This means that even in the unlikely event that someone does manage to successfully hack-in, they still won't be able to read any of the information that's been sent or received via Secure eMail.

The day-to-day benefits of using Secure eMail

Security issues aside, Secure eMail will also enable you to share sensitive information, up to and including anything marked restricted, with anyone in the criminal justice community, quickly and reliably. So everyday processes can be handled in a more secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

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