What is Secure eMail for?

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After looking at the way people use their existing email, and talking to users about what functions they wanted Secure eMail to have, we’ve made a number of improvements to make it easier and simpler to use. We’ve listed some of the main ones for webmail account users below.

Group mailbox screen shot

Group mailbox

If your organisation has a mailbox account, your Secure eMail administrator can set up group mailboxes. A group mailbox is a separate mailbox account with its own email address, which can be accessed by more than one user, as long as they have the correct permission.

Users can be given different permissions with respect to a group mailbox. 'Read' access will enable them to view and open email messages in the group mailbox. 'Write' access will enable them to move/copy new email messages into the group mailbox. Lastly, 'mail' access will enable them to send emails within the group.

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A police research institute has signed up to Secure eMail and obtained multiple mailboxes. One of its research projects is looking at 'zero tolerance' policing. As part of the project, the research institute is required to share its understanding of 'best practice' with both criminal justice organisations and practitioners. To satisfy this requirement, the institute has appointed five people to work part time, fielding enquiries regarding zero tolerance policing. The constabulary has a strict policy of not allowing staff to share login details. The institute creates a Group Mailbox titled 'GM.ZeroTolerance@
polres.co.uk'. Any of the team of five people tasked with responding to enquiries can access this Group Mailbox by logging in using their own logins and then choosing to view the Group Mailbox. They can also respond to enquiries, as necessary.

Please note: these functions will only be available for mailbox users who access the CJSM service directly via webmail. Any mailbox users who 'view' their emails through POP 3 software such as Outlook or Outlook express will not have these functions.