What is Secure eMail for?

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After looking at the way people use their existing email, and talking to users about what functions they wanted Secure eMail to have, we’ve made a number of improvements to make it easier and simpler to use. We’ve listed some of the main ones for webmail account users below.

Distribution list

Your organisation administrator can create and edit distribution lists. This is useful if you have to write emails to the same group of people regularly, as it saves you having to enter their email addresses individually each time. You can include any user of Secure eMail in the list, even if they work for another organisation. The list will then appear in the CJSM Directory and can be saved into your personal address book.

If you are a member of a distribution list, you will receive emails into your own inbox.


The Law Society produces a quarterly newsletter for subscribing solicitors. The list of subscribers is used to create a distribution list. Every quarter, the newsletter is mailed to the subscribers using the distribution list. The Law Society maintains the distribution list, which is titled 'DL.Newslettersubscribers@

Please note: these functions will only be available for mailbox users who access the CJSM service directly via webmail. Any mailbox users who 'view' their emails through POP 3 software such as Outlook or Outlook express will not have these functions.