What is Secure eMail for?

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Distribution list

Your organisation's administrator can create a distribution list, which will appear in the Secure eMail directory, unless the list is marked as 'ex-directory'.

If you are a member of a distribution list, you can receive emails addressed to that list directly into your inbox.


Search Features

If your organisation provides you with on-line access to the Secure eMail Directory, you can now carry out a search of the Directory for any other individuals or organisations that use Secure eMail.

You can do a simple search if you know the name of the user you want to find. Alternatively, if you don't know their name, but have other have other information about the user, such as their organisation, type of organisation, location or Criminal Justice Area, you can carry out an advanced search.

For both simple and advanced searches you can ask the system to provide a full match for your search terms, or to find users whose details begin with, end with or contain your search terms. You can choose to find users who match all, or any, of your search terms.

Any distribution lists or group mailboxes that satisfy the search criteria will also appear in the results.


CJSM in subject line

'CJSM' will appear in the subject header of Secure eMail messages that you receive if you are connected via your own server, making it easier to identify which emails are secure.