What is Secure eMail for?

Common Questions - users

What does 'RESTRICTED' mean?

This is a Government-wide term that is used to refer to sensitive information which, if it became widely available, could cause personal or financial harm.

The Secure eMail service can handle material up to and including anything marked RESTRICTED, or its equivalent in the non-Government Protective Marking System world, such as PRIVATE, COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE, or COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL.

If information is marked as 'RESTRICTED,' care should be taken to ensure that it is handled and stored appropriately. As a rule of thumb, anything you receive through Secure eMail should be treated as RESTRICTED.


What information should be sent by Secure eMail?

A team of national CJO representative have already identified more than 100 business processes that would benefit from using Secure eMail. Of these, about 20 specifically apply to each criminal justice organisation. The decision about which business processes will adopt Secure eMail in any particular Criminal Justice Area is currently being made locally by the organisations themselves. These decisions are being taken in line with Area priorities (as set out in Narrowing the Justice Gap, for example) and also depend on being reasonably easy to implement and quickly beneficial.


When is Secure eMail available?

Secure eMail is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When any planned maintenance work is required, it will take place outside normal working hours and by prior arrangement. The Secure eMail website will carry full information about any future planned maintenance, and will be updated on a regular basis.


What happens if the system goes down?

In the event of any system failure, emails will either be held in a queue or will just sit in mailboxes until the service is recovered. Users within criminal justice organisations should report any problems to their own service provider's helpdesk, as they do now.


Where do users get help?

Any users working in a criminal justice organisation should follow their existing procedures for reporting a fault.

Criminal justice practitioners can contact the Secure eMail helpdesk (iDesk) on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm, by calling: 0870 0108535 / 020 7604 5598., or emailing: cjsm.helpdesk@egress.com/a>.

User guides which explain how CJPs can connect to, and use the service are also available. (See the Secure eMail Technical FAQs factsheet).


How can I find out who else is using Secure eMail?

Secure eMail users can find details of other users in the online Secure eMail Directory. They can also update their own details to ensure that the Directory remains accurate.

CJOs will decide for themselves how to make the Directory available to their employees, but they can choose from the following options:

  • through a 'look-up' facility in each user's email account, which enables them to access the directory on the web
  • directly from the Secure eMail portal on the web
  • by copying the Directory onto their own global directory, so it is accessible from a user's email account in the normal way
  • via applications such as an Excel spreadsheet.

What other cross-CJS technology programmes are there?

The Criminal Justice Secure eMail (CJSM) service was one of the first steps in enabling a joined up CJS in England and Wales. Our vision is for speedy, streamlined and efficient processes supported by modern technology that helps to simplify the CJS and allow frontline staff to focus more on cutting crime.

We have now completed the upgrade of the existing IT systems and infrastructure across the CPS, courts, prisons and probation services, and have case management systems largely in place across the CJS. Linking these case management systems together is the CJS Exchange, which enables criminal justice agencies and partner organisations to share information, manage cases and work together in a secure and joined up way.

Today there are a number of projects and programmes right across the CJS that are making better use of technology. For more information, go to frontline.cjsonline.gov.uk/guidance/better-use-of-technology/


How do I nominate a colleague to join Secure eMail?

If you have a colleague who you think might be interested in connecting to Secure eMail, you can click here to send them an email invitation now. We will then send them an email explaining about Secure eMail, and inviting them to sign up.


Where can I find more information?

For more information on Secure eMail, fill out our register an interest form on this website.